About Mia & Mason

Mia and Mason is proudly owned and managed by pianist, piano teacher, and mother, Sandy Pulido.

For over 20 years, Sandy has performed in casual and formal recitals, piano exams and competitions in Southern California with the Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC), and the Music Teacher’s National Association (MTNA).

As a studio owner of Mrs. Sandy’s Piano Studio for over 16 years, Sandy has also had her own students participate in these events and understands the importance of having students feel and look their best in their performance attire.

Now as a parent of two small children, she wanted to create a place where parents can find beautiful, comfortable, and appropriate attire for their children’s music events, whether they are casual, formal, or if they enter other music competitions and exams.

Mia & Mason is this place, and Sandy hopes parents and teachers find it as a useful recital wear shopping resource for teachers and parents across the United States and Canada.

Mia & Mason is located in Rancho Palos Verdes, in Southern California.


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